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om has a passion for teaching and an ambition to help all children and adults see learning as something that can enhance their lives and bring great pleasure.  He will work in your school helping bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, working with the adults and children that make up your learning community.

He has taught in all phases (nursery to post graduate institutions) and still spends much of his working hours in the classroom helping students and adults further develop their resilience, independence, empathy and making the ‘right’ choices.

His experience ranges from being an NPQH trainer/assessor, OFSTED inspector, helping set up new schools, Headteacher mentor and appraiser and a Senior Local Authority adviser (with responsibility for science, assessment and teaching and learning).  He works in schools all over the UK  and in other parts of the world helping them further develop strategies to enhance the learning behaviours of their children.

Tom runs conferences world wide for headteachers, local authority officers, and even large multinational corporations on the power of motivation and inspiration on learning capacity and progress and ambition.   If you want him to visit your school (LA, or institution) to work with adults or children please contact him.