Think Like A Learner



NQT conference Notts

It was great to work with you all today. Ill post the slides as soon as I can. Please contact me at anytime to let me know how you adopt and adapt the ideas that we shared today, best wishes, Tom

Rosa Street parents

What a great turn out yesterday afternoon. It was a delight to work with you all again Here are the notes I promised. best wishes, Tom rosa street parents june 2018.    

Science course – Prince Bishops

It was great to work with you over over the last few months. Please find attached the documents we talked about today. best wishes, Tom SC 1 card game May (3) Everyday meanings forces questions talk for science resources scienc...

Ranby Primary School

It was such a pleasure to work with you all today. I hope you find the attached notes useful and I look forward to seeing you all again next time I visit the school, best wishes, Tom Ranby Primary School

BTA conference Reading

Thanks for your enthusiasm and positive comments throughout the day. I enjoyed working with you all a great deal. As promised here are a few resources you might find useful I look forward to working with many of you again in Se...

NW24 Think like a learner conference

It was great to meet you all today. I have attached the notes as promised. Get in touch at anytime, Happy term, Tom NW24 conference jan 2018

Notes from Notts Conference

I hope you find these useful and if you ever want me to visit your school give me a call, Best wishes, Tom brain and learning key notes Notts Nov 2017  

Science Course

it was great to work with you all on Tuesday. I have attached the documents as promised. If you want me to work with your children to further develop science in your school just let me know, otherwise Ill see you all in March. ...

Consett Parents

It was a pleasure to meet you all tonight….and a particular thanks to Andrew for standing in for Harry Potter! I’ve put the notes that I showed you with one or two other things you might find interesting. I look for...

Rosa Street Primary School

It was good to meet you all on Tuesday afternoon. As promised I have attached a few files that might be of interest. Best wishes, Tom rosa street Question that will help develop a growth mindset Parents summaryF eb 2017   ...