Think Like A Learner


Childrens’ Gem Project report


n Friday the 23rd March Annie, Jodhi, Finley, Alex, Maria and Maia from Widcombe Infant School went to Doctor Tom’s learning detective day in Wiltshire.  We went there because our teachers thought we deserved a break.  Our teachers decided we were very sensible and we learnt very quickly.  Doctor Tom choses Widcombe Infant School because he likes working with Widcombe.  It was a fun day out!  We also worked in a group very well.

At the start of the day Jodhi was feeling very nervous and scared (she nearly cryed).  Annie felt like a total midget because she felt like everybody was five times bigger than her.  Finley was feeling quite nervous.  Alex was feeling very nervous and scared.  Maia was feeling scared but confident.  Maria was nervous and excited.  Miss Watts was feeling quite happy because she knew Doctor Tom and Miss Lawson was feeling very confident because we work hard.

We started the day exploring how we learn well.  If you are trying to do something new don’t feel bad (especially if you do something wrong).  Sometimes you might find something unusual but there’s no need to feel stupid because if it is unusual of course you would find it very hard.  You could find loads of things that are hard for you to do but I think that you should just keep going.  Just take your time when you’re working.  Sometimes when you’re working one of the best things to do is feel confident.  If you are challenged to do something do not feel stressed keep going.  When you are working in a group on something it’s better to talk about it first.

After play Doctor Tom gave us an interesting task and difficult it was.  The task was half of the group had to make a tower of balloons and to stick them together with sellotape.  The other half of the group had to observe how the first half were getting on and they had to do lots of teamwork to get it done in a certain time.  The half which was not building the tower had to choose what power they wanted to observe.  When they had chosen they got their sheet which had their power on it.  If you had the sheet of diamond you had to look out for the children who were being responsible and who’d tried to solve his/her own problem rather than relying on an adult.

Or they had to know what they had to do when they got stuck.  Or they had to use their talk partners/teachers to ask good questions to help move their learning on. 

If you had the sheet of emerald power you had to be looking out for kids being courageous and sticking with it even if it gets tough

and being brave enough to ‘have a go’ with their learning even though they know they might make a mistake, to be comfortable to make mistakes as they know these help them to learn and to learn from their mistakes and to ‘bounce back’, they stick with it and to remain calm if they have been upset or angry.If you had the sapphire sheet you looked out for people keeping focused and on the task even though there were distractions and keep listening to others (teacher and others in class) even when there are distractions.

If you were on ruby sheet you had to be giving support to others by listening to them and to be praising the others if they do well  

 or looking out for people who are helping other children in their group who have a problem.  If you had the topaz sheet you would be looking out for children who had shared at least one idea with the whole group, people taking turns to share ideas or people asking different questions in their group to make sure that their ideas were in everyone’s head.  If you have a amethyst sheet you’re looking out for people who have shared ideas with their partner, talking and listening skills or people taking turns and then sharing what they’ve thought or people adding new ideas to their old ones!

In the afternoon we learnt how the eyes could show you what the person was thinking without talking.  If the person looked up he was looking into the drawer with things he had seen in the past.  If green draws and in them were all the things he/her had heard in the past.  If the person looked down he/her was looking into blue drawers where they stored the things that the person had done in the past.  We liked finding this out because it was true.

We learnt lots from the day.  Finlay felt really powed up, happy and wanting to do that again

.  Alex felt like he had all the courage to jump off Mount Everest.  He also felt the kind of I like it kind of feeling, a really tinkly of feeling.  Annie and Jodhi felt rather jolly.  None of us hated it in fact we could do it hundreds of times!  Finley and Alex liked the fact that they were properly challenged.  Jodhi liked it because the day turned out well.  Annie really liked it because everyone was friends


By Alex, Jodhi, Maria, Finley, Annie and Maia

Year 2 Widcombe Infant School