Making children sparkle (full day)

Children are born sparkling.  Sometimes, as they grow older too many children seem to lose some of their sparkle as a result of the relationships they have with some adults and the limited opportunities they are given. During the day we will explore what it is that makes us all sparkle and what we need to be doing as teachers and managers in schools to help all children move into adulthood with attitudes and learning habits that will enable them demonstrate success.

What is it that makes one person successful and another less successful?

What is success and how do we make it more likely?

How is learning, memory and emotions inter-related and how does this impact on achievement, attainment and a love of learning?

Why can some children (and adults) demonstrate a greater capacity to focus on a task? Why are some children capable to of supporting others and show deep empathy? What is it that makes a good communicator (verbal and non-verbal)? Are some children born problems solvers while other negate responsibility to other? What do we need to do as teachers to help all children (of all ages) to become responsible, confident and successful members of a dynamic society?

 Making learning irresistible (full day)

‘The curriculum is why we have school….lets make it irresistible’

Explore what your curriculum offers the children and how it motivates and inspires them to learn even when theta re not in school. Look at the significant factors involved in change and how evolution is sometimes better than revolution.  At the end of the day have a clear direction as to what your next steps are in the evolution of your curriculum and its desired impact on your children. 

 Growing greatness (full day)

Aspects of the making learning irresistible day  will be consolidated on this course  and new ideas to inspire leaders and classroom practitioners are threaded throughout

It is designed for lead learners: those people who can initiate change in their school and that have a passion for learning they want to pass onto other learners

This course will explore questions such as

§  How do we grow  our own learning and apply this understanding in  our practice

§  How do we reignite the passion for teaching and learning

§  Why is it important to  keep motivation and mindset on all our teaching and learning agenda?

§  How will you  lead and inspire others after you go back into your own school?  

 Exploring myths about learning (full day)

There are so many pseudo- science myths relating to how we learn. During the day we will explore the myths and the science of learning and develop a better understanding of what we should give up in terms of how we teach and which new habits will impact on our children’s learning even more. You will develop a better understanding of how what we do as teachers impacts on the brain of the people around us and directly on the quality of learning. 

 The buzz (full day)

Enhance everyone’s  capacity to take responsibility for helping the school get even better.

Develop a better understanding of what your school offers its learners and how you can move from where you are to where you want to be by focusing on the things that make the biggest differences. What makes your school buzz?  what is a buzz? Who contributes to the buzz, who takes away the buzz? What can we do to make the school buzz even more?  

 Evolving a  thinking curriculum (full day)

Do your teachers cover the curriculum or do they uncover it?

Does your curriculum offer opportunities to develop your children’s capacity to think and reason and take responsibility for their own learning? During the day we will explore how your present curriculum could evolve so it offers learning opportunities that uncover the learning rather than just covering it helping our children develop a deeper understanding of the aspects you and your learners have decided are of most importance to them.  

 Courageous leadership (Full day)

Why do we need courage to be good leaders of learning? Where do you get your courage from? What is courage and can I get more?

We all lead, no matter what job we do in a school. We all need courage to help us move forward in our own search for progress and we need to develop a great capacity to give courage to others; encourage. We will explore the aspects of courageous leadership and how we might have to adapt our own habits and attitudes to become better leaners.