Parent meetings and conferences (evening session 1 hour, or full day session)

When Tom is teaching in your school he regularly suggest that the school invites the parents of the children from the class he is in to see what learning looks like today, as their experiences of learning are sometimes very different.  The children are given the opportunity to develop more ‘bounce’ (resilience),  collaboration skills, empathy and understanding of others, responsibility for themselves and other and problem solving. The parents  are invited back after school to have their own session on what their role in in helping their children make even better progress in learning.  

 Other sessions for parents include:

  • What is learning all about in the 21st century classroom?
  • Learning gems and sparkle: what  can I do as a parent at home to help my children learn?
  • Motivations and inspiration; what is it and do I do it to my children?
  • Me, my brain and my children