For all school based staff, children and parents and governors
 Learning detectives (full day)

A great day for children and staff; focusing on what good learning is all about

During the day we hand over the responsibility for detecting good learning to your children. We ‘train’ 30 children (from one to six different schools) to detect good learning. What it looks like, sounds like and feels like. Pupils are then given the opportunity to take part in observation of learning where they practice detecting good learning.  They write up their findings in a report (or give verbal feedback) and highlight what the ‘class’ needs to do to become even better at learning.


 In class support

Tom will work in your school teaching  in up to 6 classes, coaching and demonstrating aspects of his work either in science related context or more generic learning contexts.

The INSET with the most impact happens in your own classroom.  After spending a day with your children Tom summaries his findings in a written report and shares with the staff  what the children’s’ capacity as learners are (either in science or generic learning skills and habits) and what they need to do to get even better and what the teachers need to do to help them get there.  

 The Gem Project

The project has been successfully be adopted and adapted by many schools all over the country. It helps pupils focus on what they need to do to become better learners. 

Each gem (ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethyst and diamond) is related to a particular learning skill set which are in turn related to a set of behaviours and feelings. The behaviours and feeling are generated by a number of neurotransmitter which either enhance our ability to learn or impede it. The project helps children understanding that they are in charge of their feelings and behaviours and with practice can gather more gems and sparkle even more (see course on making children sparkle).

Tom will come into your school and demonstrate the impact of the idea on your children.  Its has been praised not only by classroom practitioners, headteachers and parents but even OFSTED commented on its positive impact on learning.