Hi Dr Tom,

Thank you so much for an inspirational afternoon today. I wondered if you would be able to lead some INSET training on 5th September 2017 if i can get some Nottinghamshire schools together? If you are still available could you let me know potential costs please?

Many Thanks

Joanna Hall HT Wheatly Primary School, Nottinghamshire, January 2017

Hi Tom,

Than you again for a fantastic day. The staff are buzzing and it really is great to see. Their feedback to me was so very positive. I am so proud of the children and the staff, they all deserve a good Ofsted.

Thank you for inspiring us all and we look forward to your next visit.

Kind regards

Paula HT Sugar Hill Primary School, Durham, January 2017

Hi Tom, I would just like to say thanks as I saw you in Cheltenham on Monday 5th December at the Pavilion for a course on science. There are not many people who I have come across in my life who totally impress me and leave me with plenty to think about, but you did!! Hopefully I will be in touch in the future. Thanks again. Helen. Longlevens Junior School, Gloucester, December 2016

Dear Tom

 Firstly, may I say thank you for such an inspiring day at the Pavilion today. As a profession, we always feel we are no doing enough and it was so great for you to remind us what a good job we do, and even if it was only one child we make a difference to, it counts. :-)

Winchcombe Priamry school, Gloucester, December 2016

Hi Tom,

I recently attended your course at Ramside Hall and have to say I was completely blown away by it.

I came back to school and ask my Head if we could have you in for some CPD sessions.

Would you please be able to provide any information with regards to pricing?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Gillian Boule

Esh Winning Primary School, Durham November 2916


Hi Tom

I just wanted to pass on our thanks for the inspirational TD day and whole school assembly. The staff and pupils are buzzing about the gem project and the lockers are currently looking the best they ever have!!!

We have mapped out the gems for the rest of the year and are feeling really excited about it all. Staff have commented that it was the best training they have ever experienced and the extra staff who joined us in the assembly today commented that they wished they had joined us for the TD day. We would love to have you come back towards the end of the school year so if you could send through a cost and date for you to work with the whole school and also to deliver a session for parents that would be great.

Thank you so much for your support – hope you enjoyed Westonbirt.

Lizzie HT Malmesbury Primary School, Wilts, October 2016

Dear Tom,

thank you so much for your visit yesterday. I felt that it would be a special day and it was… and I learned so much. Many of the staff have come to me to say how much they enjoyed it and are hoping you are coming back. When I was in Year 6 this morning several of the children were asking me if you were coming back again  and that you were such a “nice man”. Shay in particular was asking !    For us your visit was just what we needed and at just the right time. Some of my staff are going to the range in Darlington tonight to get some diamonds. Thank you for your kindness, support and guidance. The first two in particular are rare for head teachers to be on the receiving end of these days , so are hugely appreciated.

HT Middlestone Moor Primary School Durham October 2016

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for coming to Sidcot last week it was truly inspirational.  I was discussing the visit with our Assistant Head in charge of Teaching and Learning and she was wondering if you might be able to do some staff training on the 9th January. I did explain that we had our day booked in a long time in advance and I suspected CPD days would be busier still but I did say I would ask. I would also be keen to book in some parent workshops – how would I best go about that.


Claire (HT Sidcott School, Somerset September 2016)

Hi Tom 

And so the positive feedback keeps on coming, I thought you might like to see a couple of the parental emails we have received this morning.  

Thanks again for yesterday.  

Cindy Deputy HT, Beaconsfield Secondary School. September 2016

‘Good evening,

‘I would firstly like to take this time to thank the school for inviting us along for the discussion with Dr Tom Robson. This was so inspiring for me as an adult I can only begin to imagine the brilliant effect it will of had on the yr 7 children including our daughter. ‘

‘The presentation by Tom was brilliant and I believe it would have a tremendous effect on the children in the school I work at. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to send me the contact details so that I/the school could contact him.’

‘Just wanted to drop you a line as a parent , about last nights information evening, I thought the speaker was amazing, really thought provoking.’

‘My boys came home full of information about their day with him. They are so enthusiastic about coming to school, and Tom ( i think that was his name ) has given them even more enthusiasm.’

Hi Mr Ellis (HT Hasslington Priamry School Lancs),

Thank you for the fantastic and highly informative evening. I have learnt so much and Tom Robson was inspirational!!

Events like these that make our school the special place it is. The care, compassion, commitment and on going efforts that are made to help our children succeed sets us apart.

Extremely proud to be part of HPS team both as parent and member of staff, where learning is not just limited to classroom and children but broaden to welcome parents and are actively encouraged and supported in the whole process. Tonight has inspired me to develop myself further in both of my roles, I would like some information how to obtain about various books and articles written by Mr Tom.

Many thanks for a great evening and looking forward to many more!

Best Regards,

Ambreen. (parent Sept 2016)

I’m buzzing from just that hour so can’t imagine where you’re at! Cannot believe the turnout tonight – brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!! 👍🏻


Hi Glyn, I just overheard Austin’s mum telling Eden’s mum about Yom Robson in the playground this morning. She thought he was great!

Dear Tom,

thank you for such an inspirational meeting tonight at Haslingden. Everything you talked about linked so closely with our school aim of developing a lifelong love of learning. I will be checking the school diary tomorrow to find a time when we can invite you into our school. You will love our children nearly as much as we do!! Could I be cheeky and ask you to forward me the work you have done on language for parents to use to develop a growth mindset. This was actually the focus of my staff meeting last night for our teachers and TAs!

Thank you again – your passion for the children is infectious.

Alison Padgett (Peel Park, Accrington) September 2016


Hi Tom,  I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for spending the day with us in Warwick. The impact that you had on our staff was overwhelming and so many of the staff have taken messages back to their schools for how they are going to do things differently.

Thank you once again. Many thanks

Nicola Morris

Assistant Director Nord Anglia University May 2015

Hello Tom, Thank you so much. You are magical, inspirational and just wonderful. Have a good weekend. 

Love from all your friends (including pupils) at Lypiatt Primary School, Wilts May 2015

I thought I would send you a message to tell you about all the wonderful things my staff have been saying about your course yesterday. The have come back fully inspired, motivated and empowered to make even more of a difference to our children.   

They are very excited that you will be back to see us in June,

Thank you again,  Headteacher, Ibstone CE Infants School Bucks May 2015

Thank you so much again for this week. I feel very inspired by the day and enjoyed seeing all our wonderful children in action in just one day. A real eye opener. We shall be in touch soon and will try and sort another date for next year. In the meantime I will get to grips with all the fabulous science resources ready to share with all the staff.

Thanks again,

Bathwick Primary school


 Hi Tom,   I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your inspirational lesson and staff meeting I saw at Birdwell today. I feel so enthused and excited to start the Diamond project with my class! After your session we went outside for a run around and they were buzzing with independence. It was amazing – they were really using the language too. I heard…. I have a problem three problems with spiders but I can solve it because I can catch them ,Miss Downing is this camera Miss Hunts shall I take it to her? The ball at playtime flew over the fence. They looked at me and I started to walk over then stopped. One of the boys said ‘Excuse me’ to one of the builders and ‘please can you get our ball it is a problem we can solve it but we need help’

 Brilliant. I am so excited for tomorrow and the days ahead.

 Thank you  Emily (and Cedar)  Birdwell Academy, N Somerset


Hi Tom, I just wanted to let you know how inspiring I found your presentations today at the Early Years conference. I have taken away some practical actions which I will be sharing with my team on Monday – I wish I could bottle the feeling you left me with and sprinkle it liberally around our Pre- School rooms!! Thank you University of the West of England, early years learning conference, March 2014
Hello Tom

What a fantastic session on Friday in Wincanton. How good it was to be reminded that the job is about teaching with fun & inspiration at its core (Science and learning conference, teacher from Milborne Port Primary School, March 2014) 

Dear Tom,

Thank you, thank you, thank you…
Your input today turned what could have been a raising awareness session about teaching schools into an affirmation of all that is good and important about teaching and learning. I gathered up all of the evaluations that were completed and left by delegates 29 in all. Every single one of them mentioned you. I’m sure there’ll be more in the post. Here’s a snap shot:

Which part of the presentation did you find most useful?

  • Tom Robson’s focus was very interesting.
  • Dr Tom’s presentation focusing us on children and the impact we have.
  • Dr Tom (6)
  • Dr Tom- fab! Totally inspirational
  • Dr Tom- inspiring (would love a conference with him)
  • The inspiring Tom Robson- wonderful.
  • Dr Tom Robson- a timely reminder of the impact of school in a child’s life. Engaging, motivating.
  • Absolutely inspirational presentation from Dr Tom Robson- thank you for this opportunity.
  • Tom Robson was excellent!
  • Tom Robson’s presentation was fantastic. After everything you hear about our profession in the press and from the government, he reminded me why I do smile when I go to school.

Manager of Durham Teaching School Alliance, January 2014


Thank you so much! I wasn’t able to attend as intended, but sending one of my teachers actually proved to be so much more effective – she was truly inspired & enthused – THAT’s what quality CPD is all about!

Sue Jones Headteacher, Bristol, November 2013 


Dear Tom, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for a great day yesterday.  It was lovely to have someone in school with such a good understanding of, and interest in,  infant education.The staff were left buzzing and the children were still talking about diamond powers this morning.The whole day was brilliant! The staff stayed for ages after the staff meeting discussing  the learning powers and the new Science curriculum.  We are going to work on our diamond power between now and Christmas and I have been looking for diamonds on the internet to make the concept concrete for the children.It also strengthened our resolve to hold onto what we believe is good practice in Infant education and not be swayed by the constraints of the new curriculum.We would certainly enjoy any opportunity to work with you in the future.

Headteacher, Bromley Heath Infant school, S. Glouc. November 2013

We had such a great day with you and you really made us think about the future direction of the school
and what we want our children to be like as learners.  In fact, we’ve spent a lot of time this week talking about how we communicate this to parents and make it happen in school.  A huge thank you from all of us to
you. Headteacher, Stockbridge Primary school, Hampshire, October 2013 
THANK YOU SO MUCH  for a great day on Monday! The staff and children here at St Paul’s have been talking of nothing else.  Here are the headlines:

  • Our clinical psychologist (new) governor is hugely      impressed and keen (always good to have the newbies onside!)
  • One TA got alongside a child reluctant to leave mum in      the playground and encouraged her to control her emerald power to come      into school, which she did with a smile
  • The Reception cloakroom has never looked so tidy!
  • On a personal note, my son has made his bed and his own breakfast for two days running and is sparkling brightly!

Headteacher, St Pauls Primary School, Bucks, October 2013

Sorry for the delay but wanted to say another huge thanks for last Wednesday. Pupils,
parents and staff were all talking about it the next day…got to be a good
thing! St. Werbergs Primary school, Bristol, September 2013

Just a note to say thank you for your extraordinary workshops on Friday and Saturday. The evaluations were incredible and we all enjoyed ourselves listening to you. It was lovely seeing you and I hope it’s not too long before we see you again.

Childcare Manager, Wiltshire, September 2013


Hi Tom, I just wanted to send a personal thank you to you for the truly inspirational day you gave us today in Wimborne.  (I’m the ESOL tutor who chatted to you at the start of the session). I can’t tell you how liberating it felt to concentrate on learning, learners, teachers and the joy of learning and teaching, instead of what we always get in training – the Common Inspection Framework, Ofsted, and what you have to do to satisfy both. (CIF + Ofsted sometimes feel like a big stick used to beat teachers with).   Keep up the good work – Language teacher, family and adult learning, Wimborne, Dorset, June 2013


Hi Tom,

Your session on Directional Leadership was so inspiring. I walked away really questioning my own style of leadership and how I can use what you talked about to improve. I consider myself resilient anyway but your session really highlighted the fact that we will sometimes fail but it’s our ability to recover that makes us succeed. You really do practice what you preach- you are passionate about teaching and incredibly inspirational. Member of secondary Leadership Team, Warminster, June 2013



Hi Tom
I can’t thank you enough for such an inspiring day. Coopers Lane has been a buzz all week and my assembly was a roaring success! Your passion for teaching is quite remarkable and it’s so great to have you as part of our school family. I really did feel quite emotional after the inset and very proud of the team.
Thanks again for sharing your magic with us.
Paul (DHT, Bromley, June 2013)
Assessment and learning conference based on the impact of good questioning on learning: Thank YOU for being as brilliant and inspiring as always.  I heard some great feedback on the morning. Kington St Michael, Kington Langley (Langley Fitzurse),  ByBrook (Yatton Keynell), Stanton St Quintin, Sutton Benger, Christian Malford, Lacock Primary Schools,  February 2013 
Sorry that I missed you at the end of today – I had so many parents want to talk to me about your presentation that I did not manage to say a huge thanks and farewell  at the end of the day.

A taster of parent comments are given here:

“I wish I had listened to this talk 18 years ago – it would have transformed my life and the way I think about learning”.

“Absorbing and stimulating – I want to hear more”

“A brilliant presenter – making me think about what learning is all about”.

On behalf of all of us at Minety I can only  re-iterate how interesting and positive the day was – underlining the core purpose of our school or any school!  The impact of the day is up to all of us – but we see this as a great way to enhance achievement, enjoyment and enthusiasm.   Your qualities of warmth, humour and creativity with the children were a great stimulus to this stage of our learning journey!

We cannot thank you enough for a truly inspiring day.

May 2012: Hello Tom!  I just wanted to say a big thank you for your work with us last Friday and how much we all enjoyed the day! We have had a feedback session and everyone is looking at strategies  now to keep the “buzz” in the curriculum. The day has had a very positive and exciting effect on everyone, so thank you for that.  I look forward to hearing from you about ideas for the future.  With very best wishes, HT St Georges RC Primary School
April 2012: I came back to school today after the learning detectives course and one of my teachers came bouncing out wanting to show me diamond power – that’s just the teacher!

In my absence today, the staff at St. Pat’s have christened you Dr. Calpol because of your medicinal healing power.   Headteacher

 Many thanks for yesterday. It was great to catch up with you and the staff meeting was inspirational and has left the staff fired up and buzzing!

Science has a good profile here but I think your input will push it higher onto everyone’s agenda.

The GEM project / science skills sounds very exciting. How about Wednesday 27th June if you are able to do a whole day and have time to visit all the classes that would be great.  Headteacher

 Just want to start by thanking you so much for our inspirational staff meeting. It was great and really inspired and helped us. I know we are feeling much more secure about how to assess and plan with the new framework. Subject leader
 Thank you for all your advice and encouragement.  We have found that really useful.  Do you have an electronic copy of the jewels sheet just so that I can share that with the staff.  Lots of my kids have been asking about the diamonds and we had a completely clear cloakroom yesterday for the first time ever.  YIPPPPEEEE!!  I am just about to order a number of jewels ready for after half term. Classroom teacher
 I wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for our INSET Day last Friday. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from all staff and I hope that the message has got through about adapting not throwing the baby out with the bathwater! They all feel inspired and wish that the parents could listen to what you have to say. Headteacher
 I sat on your table at the start of the Science conference and really enjoyed meeting you and hearing what you said . It was very refreshing and helped to remind us all of why we are teachers. Thank you for inspiring and challenging us to do our best for our children . It was a rally good day and I have come away enthused and encouraged , and feeling very privileged to be a teacher , especially a teacher of science to 30 infant children! Class teacher
 Thank you for helping make it such a successful day for delegates with your thought provoking and inspiring key note speech and workshop sessions.  The evaluation shows how much people enjoyed them.  LA Adviser