Think Like A Learner


Think like a learner

Carol Dweck and Bob Burden (Myself As A Learner Scale) have shown how important children’s self-concept as learners is to their performance – no matter what their natural ability. Children’s ability to reflect on their own thinking -metacognition- is now recognised as critical to children becoming resilient and successful learners.
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THINK LIKE A LEARNER! A new practical guidebook to help children acquire the language, skills and self-awareness of successful learners.
This book achieves both goals: it asks children to involve themselves in key questions about learning and develops their self-awareness as self-critical thinkers and learners. Its asks:
• How do we think and talk about learning?
• What is ‘bouncebackability’ and how do you get it?
• How can we make sure our team learning is high quality?
• How does making choices help us to become more responsible for our own learning?

Ofsted has observed how children ‘really enjoyed learning’ in a school using the guide-book.
Hundreds of schools and thousands of children have used the questions and ideas from the ‘Think Like a Learner’ approach and the authors, Diana Pardoe and Tom Robson have now turned them into a workbook for children aged 8-12.

Comments from children:
• We now work harder
• It’s good to be in the challenge zone and get out of the comfort zone
• We understand we need to co-operate and know how to do it
• We understand that learning is our responsibility and that we have got to take part
Comments from Primary teachers
• The children are becoming more divergent thinkers
• They are more in control of their learning.
They recognise what makes them successful learners and THEY have the responsibility for learning.
• When faced with difficult tasks the children are more prepared to have a go and to take a risk
• Improved communication skills
• Raised self-esteem

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