Think Like A Learner


Tom’s Advice


Science Skills

  • Make sure you teach the science skills
  • Teach the pupils how to share ideas and collaborate in small groups
  • Do weird stuff sometimes… out of the ordinary
  • Challenge the pupils; if they are getting it right all the time your planning is not good enough! Its too easy.
  • Give time for the pupils to learn and enjoy their science
  • Make the learning relevant to the lives of the pupils or fun or on your really whizzy days, both

 Assessment; try to

  • make sure pupils know what they need to practice to get better
  •  motivate pupils by getting them involved involvement in assessment
  • share with pupils statements such as ….’we are getting better at……’ or we are practicing to….’ Keep it skills focused
  • make assessment  rigorous and consistent with good formative written comments  in books and oral comments given to pupils that help them make progress
  • Know what you want the pupils to learn
  • Why you want the pupils to learn it! Discuss with the pupls their ideas as to why they think they need to learn ……..You’ll get some interesting thought back
  • How the pupils are going to learn it. Again, discuss with the pupils how they think they could learn ….
  • Share all of these with the pupils